When the night is awake and I am asleep 

Sounds of a quite night

The sounds of a quite night 

Its soft and smooth kiss 

Its cool temperament

shying from the moon’s radiant glow 

its this darkness that connects with the soul,connects with the inner bohemian

Translating and transcending to the quiet and introverted flower child.


International communication 

IELTS-a step to international communication 

Look at this cute and chubby person !

A box with korean writing 

A must read for memoir lovers 

Nikon -what an.invention to capture international communication t

Unchartered echoing 

These far of unchartered territories have always called out to me and me like the gypy soul  have and am just went along to get lost and explore the nitty gritties in these very lands.

These lands so distant yet so near have become the person I am ,the people its culture and its various colorful tapestries toredored and nuances orchestrating a nd shaping a wonderful blanket which flows endlessly.


Love me and I will ask for no more 

Love me like its the last breath 

Love me and I will love you back 

But don’t ask me to love at the price of changing myself 

Love me for the way I am 

And I will still love for the way you are 

A four letter word but the emotions felt is and ocean .

Number impact!

Are numbers always everything in life?  

The magic of numbers!  

We come into this world with a number plate and we die with a number plate. 

Numbers numbers everywhere  Oh how confusing numbers can become. 

We are moulded and shaped according to the various numbers we possess in our lifetime from a mathematical date of birth to a  mere numerical representation of our extent of knowledge. 

Why should certain numerical figures just label and mark our calibre and capacity. 

Are we so low that we depend entirely on certain figures just to understand the ways of the world.

Inner voice 

I don’t know what to,when to do 

But I know how it’s done 

By that person inside me 

Who guides me.. 

Always before taking any step.

This voice is like a scholar and wise man 

Who has the wisdom to know the right form wrong.

This person is hidden and does not want to come out 

If it reveals itself  then it’s importance would never be known.

It’s become a part and parcel 

Of the person I am today 

This is my invisible friend 

Who has always been with me through thick and thin. 

Conquering my very own struggles 

In the end its just my mind 

Which helps me be me 

In the present me.


Clouds -Oh how you remind me of a dear one!

When I look at you, I feel a sense of tranquility.

I get lost in your effervescence 

Which continuously tantalizes me 

Oh how I wish you were real

Just like a dear one 

But alas you get lost in the light of the sun!

I like your cotton bed 

Where cupids play and forget life’s despair 

You remind me of a caring hand 

That never let’s go 

But when I see you

You become alive 

And each day 

You live a new life 

And turn into a colourful ark

With colours as bright as a painters canvas.