The romanticism of life 

Romanticism of life is indeed a very vague and is something which realley can’t be explained. As they say “beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder’.This is very subjective and differs from person to person. 


The life of a rose ­čî╣┬á

The almighty ‘s daily chores had begun and something very graceful and poised had to be created.

It started with a question “What do I create today?”and the immediate response was an epitome of love, the very first thing that reminded of love, an object so tender that it cannot be manhandled as it will be brake like porcelain.. 

So then the mission started to create the very unrealistic but a very unique idea and concept of the almighty ‘s creation and invention.

It had to be unique since it had to reperesent love in all it forms but the task was not so easy as a proper time had to be very carefully chosen for this ultimate creation. 

All the gods and goddesses had to be in a very good mood as no form of anger could be shown whilst making the rose.

So the time decided was when anyone would express laughter, then that laughter would be recorded and stored for a period of one month which would then release the aroma and fragrances of the rose.

The petals would be formed when the gods and goddesses would hand pick each petal and paint them with very honest and the most passionate of love ever mankind could behold and experience in all its existence. 

The shape and body of the rose is like a artists canvas; the beauty,inspiration, ideation and that very artists strong but yet tender strokes of paint forms it’s delicate yet silent appearance just like a mystery which remains unanswered! 

Her moist and supple feel just a fresh yet exuberant drop of rain which just fell on leaf,a loving touch but not too daunting.

She had to withstand the harshest of tempest and live a time of iternal millenia, so as to reach the most sacred of relationships of universal love. 

This is how the life and making of the rose gained it’s very existence and it’s fair share of unquestioning and unique creation.

The prism of love

Colours of the rain 

Colours of the rain 

Oh how you are like my pain 

The moistness, and the refreshing feeling reminds me of a Dame

Who used to know my name.

But was in a game 

And did not love because I was lame.

But the love was not tame 

As I was filled with shame

And neither of us did gain.


The darkness is sometimes so soothing, that you want to just disappear in it and just loose yourself,the very atoms of darkness pulls you into its mysterious aura. 

Imagine living in this very darkness and just being forgotten. The sense of loss one feels is beyond ones understanding and comprehension but this romantic and playful darkness is what makes us the hidden soul searcher. 

Strands of culture

Hi everyone I’m just any other girl you guys know ,now let me introduce myself so has it ever occurred to you that you have lived abroad for many years and then one fine day you have to return to own country.But guess what!! you’re not as your folks at home expect you to be and you turn out to be extremely different!! Hahahahaha!!…..

I did not mean to frighten you guys but unfortunately that’s the harsh truth, you are the person who sounds different ,eats differently and even for that matter dresses in a weird yet cool manner.Now let us come to what is called as culture shock in its literal ┬ásense.

culture shock
  1. the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.
    This is what exactly happened to me when I came back to my country for good ,yes it sounds scary and frightening but it has been an incredible and fabulous journey ,and the experience has been great till today!!! and will be forever .Don’t worry i wont sound boring and will indeed make it fun throughout my process of unlearning and discovering and exploring the unknown.
    Now let’s start with the real story telling and how the whole journey started and commenced .

    It all started the minute I was born ,that very aspect itself was indeed culturally shocking as I am of mixed parentage as well as mixed races .Everything looked and sounded very chaotic and was puzzling but this was a fight as well something a moment of realisation .

    I was so flabbergasted and confused with various aspect of life that i did not speak for almost 4 years !which meant that it took me almost 4 years to actually speak out my very first sentence and organise and actually trying to figure out things gradually step by step.

    Now let me throw out a question for you guys there definitely are people who are very much like me ‘a mixed breed ‘trying to figure out things(identity crisis )right?

    So if you’re with me and actually feel a connect with whatever 024_3348.jpg


    I have written as of now ,id like my readers to quote some experiences and examples of their ways of figuring out and accepting the various races in you?